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Windows 10 update 1903 | IIS Print | Stop work

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We use IIS Printing solution as follow:

  1.  Running on-premise IIS Print Server with Authentication settings to use Windows Authentication
  2. Redirect on-premise HTTPS URL using Azure Application Proxy with Pass-through option
  3. Users, use generated URL and add printer to AzureAD joined computer, using their Windows credentials


After Windows 10 updated to 1903, this solution no longer works.

If browse from IE/EDGE/Chrome = authentication works fine with current username and password,

If use Control Panel to add printer via HTTPS protocol, then it fail.

Using Fiddler could find: 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials,


Any ideas what to check?

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Windows update 1809 works fine.

@lightupdifire I'm having very similar issues with Hybrid Cloud Print solution (witch also uses IIS) and Azure AD App. Proxy for publishing the printers.


Many users have issues printing and adding Hybrid Cloud Printer after upgrading to Windows 10 1903. No issues reported with 1809.

feeling to be not alone, is a great feeling :)