Windows 10 Slow Startup

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My windows is super slow after logging in. I have checked Startup Items and they are very limited. Anything else I can check on that could be holding up the startup performance? It just sits on the Welcome screen with a spinning wheel for a few minutes. Thank you.



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@Tim Hunter 

Have you installed any program or made any changes in your PC before the problem started?

Are you using SSD or HDD hard disk?

Take a look at Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10 (

I have a M.2 SSD SATA Hard Drive. I have not installed or made any recent changes. It has been slow for awhile now.
is the OS up to date?
what security solution are you using? (Windows Defender or 3rd party)

when did this start happening exactly? like after installing an update, a software, changing a setting etc.

Hello! Question - What Build Windows ? Have you removed the old Windows build? When you cleaned up drive C . from temporary files? What Antivirus is installed? What applications run at startup? I'll add a screenshot on this device I have taken little resources in OS(C) I think optimization is the most important = this is Windows 10 Pro Thank you

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎6/‎24/‎2020
OS build 19042.906
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Using Windows Defender
Not using anti-virus, only Windows Defender
OS build 19042.906
That is, we have the same builds of Windows! Is your computer powered on overnight and asleep? Is your computer powered on overnight and asleep? this is important for maintenance which is at night and many other processes outside the hours of use!
My laptop is normally powered off between 8PM and 6AM. So I run Windows Updates manually.
That is, I found the cause of your mistakes! This is not the right service! The time to migrate updates is quite long - requires settings = run automatically - as soon as possible! I also thought that completely manual updates are good, but it's a mistake! Change settings = currently optional updates do not install without your permission! Thank you napoisz if it helped I'm very curious? Andrzej

Take a look at Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10 ( and follow steps there and if problem persist, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

There is another reason that there was no question - this is the accidental installation of a spyware program or a virus that will cause a very similar slowdown in startup! But it requires an emergency run and a lot of experience - it's best to go to an IT service - to check!
thank you worth choosing the simplest solution - reporting is not always helpful to fix the error yourself!
Feedback hub is Not always the right thing to offer.
Hi I also wanted to write a comment - for Reza Ameri, Everyone proposes such solutions! Thank you very much!
Actually this is what Windows teams always recommended and they told us , it is always good idea to share feedback through the feedback hub app (even if problem have been solved) so they could investigate and prevent it.
Hello! But in this case, the user's help can not consist in referring him to the feedback centre - because we have determined that error - it is not proper computer support and changing the default settings of updates ! I remind you in a stable version of Windows - not in the trial version where every application to developers matters! In this case, we do not know if there was a solution - let's wait for the comment of the author of the topic!
you seem to be confusing feedback with problem.
telling everyone in every post to post in feedback hub when what they need is a person replying and helping them, is not good at all.

Cześć! Nie mogę się doczekać odpowiedzi od autora tematu! Właśnie otrzymałem odpowiedź od MTC w innym formacie niż zawsze, dodam zrzut ekranu - bardzo ładny akcent, czy myślisz tak?

Sending feedback to Windows team is always recommended. If you read my comment carefully, first I direct user to the Microsoft support website where contains several troubleshooting steps and then I asked user to submit a feedback. In addition, user could post and tell us like I follow all steps and problem persist or I have a problem in one of steps and we will help them out. Sending feedback is one step addition to troubleshooter and even the problem have been solved I still ask user to submit a feedback, this way Windows team will become smarter.
I am receiving technical issues all the time and in case of Windows, I will send feedback all the time . For example, last time I was troubleshooting a BSOD and I discovered it was due to a driver and I download and install it and problem have been solved and I also ask user to share this through the Feedback Hub and as a result, the driver have been added to Windows Update and this way it saved other users too.
Hi, I'm here and I try to help if I can and respect all who do this! Everyone is here with goodwill and the path to a solution can be simple, or there is no solution and it has to be appreciated ! Thank you very much Good luck