Windows 10 slow logon preparing windows

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Hi everyone,


I posted this Here but the answer I got didn't point me anywhere so I'm trying my luck here as well.


I know this issue is around for quite some time. But, from what I experienced in my testing, whatever I tried didn't exactly help.
Here is the problem: A domain user logs into a domain computer. policy applies within 10-15 seconds which is good because we deploy preferences like drive maps, printers, file and folder options and internet settings. after applying the policies the display shows "Please wait for the local session manager" for a second or two and than we get the "Preparing Windows" message for 30 seconds.
I tried configuring the following:

  1. Disabled logon script delay

  2. Disabled run logon script synchronously

  3. Added the DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout DWORD registry and set the value to 0

Although the logon time got shortened I still get a black screen for 10 seconds or more which could alert the users.

Our active directory is 2016 but our domain functional level is 2008 r2 because of historic reasons.
our windows 10 are 1909 and above.

Don't know where else to turn to for help.


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I suggest you start a discussion in this community there sooner you will get help!

You posted the question in the correct forum (Microsoft Q&A) and it is to help you to solve the problem.
Please continue discussion there.


Hello RahamimL

No easy answers to this type of issues,

You probably need to use WPA( Windows Performance Analyzer) to troubleshoot your issue.

there were a number of blogs written on this,

Use this query to find those blogs.

becoming a WPA expert site:


You can also use SBSL ( Slow boot Slow Logon) to query on, that was the tag used to identify content around scenario where machines had delays with slow boots or Slow Logons ( inclusing slow to the desktop availability.




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So after a long research, I found out the reason for the slow login is because I'm deploying mapped drives and printers from the GPO which creates the delay.
Windows booting slowness can be caused due to multiple reasons.
One major thing to consider is the policy update that happens during the startup.
The ideal solution would be to disable the wifi/remove the LAN cable while startup. This helps the system to boot up earlier. For more issues related to performance please check the below link