Windows 10 pro sermouse issue

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Hello there,


I have a mobo with i7 11th gen and 6 com ports for industrial purposes.

Sometimes when gps is plugged on the com ports mouse does crazy moves. This is happening because windows identifies com port as serial mouse. I have changed the start value for sermouse to 4 from 3 and also disabled the automatic driver updates from registry but windows still shows 'Microsoft serial mouse' or 'Microsoft ball point' on device manager.

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Since you've already changed the Start value for Sermouse to 4, try installing a custom COM port driver that is compatible with your GPS device.
You can do this by going to the Device Manager, finding the "Microsoft Serial Mouse" device, and right-clicking on it. Select "Disable device" and then restart your computer.
The problem is that Windows is treating the COM port as a serial mouse, causing the mouse to behave erratically when the GPS device is connected. This is because Windows is using the serial mouse driver to communicate with the COM port.