Windows 10 Pro refuses to install on Samsung Portable SSD T5 hard drive.

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So I have a  Samsung Portable SSD T5 hard drive.


I plugged in the hard drive. Plugged in the USB Windows 10 Pro legit just bought Stick.


But when I go to Custom Windows Install page and select the windows the format and delete buttons are disabled. Even the next button is disabled. So I downloaded the exe driver file and copied it to a USB stick. Chose Load Driver but can't see any file on top-level USB stick directory structure. So I chose the USB stick but still, the buttons are disabled. 


Can anybody tell me what should I do now?


Thank you.



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@Adrian1595  I realized this morning that with a USB memory stick with Windows 10 Pro on it one can never install the OS on expansion SSD or IEEE 1394 drive.


I wish Microsoft OS CEO would change this policy for poor people like me. I bought this Samsung T5 SSD expansion drive and bought Windows 10 Pro USB memory stick and like always I wanted to do the right thing. The honest thing. I had no idea that from USB key you can't install onto expansion drive. Luckily I had an internal PCI express SSD drive. It's half of the external one. That's the downside of it. So I installed onto this internal hard drive. I was thinking if I had other OS or other data on internal hard drive what would my options be? Would the electronics store return my money back for open box Windows 10 Pro? 


I have two more wishes. I wish Windows 10 Pro would work side by side with the Linux community. Especially Windows boot loader doesn't detect Linux boot partition automatically.


I know it's a competitive world. But sometimes for the convenience of the customer why not go the extra mile. 


I know there is a window media creation tool and wintousb fool. But I tried that. I had problems with that too. Hope you will try to understand my side of the story. I think they are buggy too.


And finally when the Windows release update could they be a bit more cautious about the stability of the update? So I didn't mean to offend anybody.


I didn't mean to insult or put down anybody either. I just wanted the proper value for my money. A middle-class person like me bought windows 10 Pro with 170 dollars Canadian and external SSD drive with $99 and believe me after Christmas spending that amount of money was difficult. But still, I wanted to do the right thing by being honest.


So if I do my part of the work then would it be wrong to expect better service from the Windows OS Developer?



Thank you.


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Hi, I have a Samsung portable SSD T5 500GB. My windows 10 pro wont recognise the SSD saying no driver for that. I did install the latest T5 software, same from the link given above. I hope anyone can solve this problem. Ta

@donchen I don't think Microsoft allows you to install Windows 10 on external SSD drive. I tried every possible way but probabilistic probability was negligible. I had to install Windows 10 on internal SSD drive inside a laptop. They are afraid of copyright infringement. I guess that's the case here.