Windows 10 preventing Realtek drivers from fully opening & operating.

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I have an Asus motherboard which,along with their updates for bios,etc, at their site,have updates for the Realtek sound drivers that go along with the board.When I download and extract the Realtek sound drivers,it will only allow me restricted access to the Realtek console that is created.Specifically,it will not allow me access to the  equalizer,room corrections,etc that are the integral components of managing/creating the sound.The sound that subsequently comes through is like listening through a hollow tube.So I have to uninstall the Realtek app and go back to Windows drivers/sound management.

Now,I have never ever had this happen in previous versions of Windows.The Realtek app extracted,I had full access to it and I was a happy camper.So,what could be going on,I asked myself ? Ahh,this is Windows 10 I realized, and it is more conscious of letting non Microsoft apps taking over integral functions like sound.

And before you say go to Asus and ask them,I did already.Their solution was to take out my m/b and send it back for a repair or exchange!Too drastic and extreme.That's killing the patient and not curing the problem.

So,I would like to ask my fellow members here,how would one go about getting Windows to allow the full extraction and function of the Realtek driver?

Thank you all.

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is your Windows 10 up to date?
I have MSI motherboard which also has Realtek sound card, I don't download it from the manufacturer website, they are lazy and don't always stay up to date, instead I download the Realtek driver that is for general purpose, and latest version, and I have access to all the options in the Realtek HD audio manager software.

I don't know how Realtek manages their drivers but I can't find the driver in their site.

for years I've been using this website to get the latest drivers, I suggest you do the same. it's my go to website when I'm looking for a driver. Windows update automatically installs all of my drivers but I install this Realtek software to use some of its extra features.


at the moment the latest version is here:


you only need to download the one that says "Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL" and it is the latest version.

don't need to download the one that says "Windows Vista,7/8/8.1/10: New and fresh installation on PC"


let me know how it goes. make sure to uninstall all the previous Realtek drivers before installing a new one from that site.