Windows 10 PCs goes to lock screen after 2 minutes

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Could you please help me by putting some light on what is causing the Windows 10 machines to lockout after 2 minutes of inactivity ?


We have issues with a few of our Windows 10 PCs where the screen locks after 2 minutes of inactivity and the user have to enter his\her credentials again to login in back to the system.


I have verified the below GPO settings and these settings are applied on all the Windows 10 computers but only around approx 20 windows computers out of 25000 computers are having this issue.


GPO settings are given below:

Screen saver timeout - set for 10 mins

Interactive logon: Machine inactivity limit - Set for 10 mins





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Did you installed any new program or update drivers?

Try restart one of PCs and see if problem persist?

If possible, just for test remove one PC from Active Directory and set lock manually and see if problem persist?

Also check inactivity time for sleep.



There are no new programs installed and also no new update on drivers. 


This issue occurs only on a few of the windows10 PCs and not on all the Windows 10 in the domain. ( I have compared the GPO in both working and non-working machines \users and everything is the same )


Inactivity for sleep for 30 mins and restarting PC is not helping in resolvin the issue.

Make sure report this issue through Feedback Hub app in affected PC , so it will send log files to Windows 10 team to investigate the issue.

Look for events in Event Viewer and see if there anything related to this there or any failure or warning which might be relevant.

Also check BIOS or UEFI version of devices and see if they have the same version as the one which are working correctly.



Please run Power troubleshooter from Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot. Let me know what it reports back. 



@Kapil Arya 

Thanks for the reply!


I have run the troubleshooter and attached the screenshot.




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I see the Power troubleshooter fixed some issues on your computer. Was your original issue fixed as well?

Thank you Kapil and Reza.

Looks like the issue has resolved by itself. Still wondering what caused that issue to get the machines locked every 2 mins of inactivity.