Windows 10 (NIC) network connect on boot

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More a niggle really, I have a new Z390 UD. it has been working happily on 10 update 1909 since production. I have resently had 2004 pushed and installed. Ever since I have noticed that the connect time is upwards of 45 seconds from Power on, that is shown by the globe symbol with no entry sign in the bottom right of screen then changes to Network 2 Internet access symbol ie connected. I can log in at any time after the windows home screen becomes available 6 to 15 seconds I think as I use local password however the desktop is available with no network connect. Until Network 2 becomes available. Have checked to my satisfaction that it is not just connection to internet but also connection to router. (set chrome browser to home page as router maintenance page and got no connect). I have swapped network cable back to my old pc and that works fine so not cable either.(total connect 12 seconds ish. Windows performs normally after connection not slow or slow network file transfer. Has anybody else had similar problem at boot with 2004 or solution ? Thanks

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Hi @Millfield  

Did you already install the latest 2004 compliant LAN driver? 




Yes. Downloaded 0212.2020 from the gigabyte site. This did not change the problem. I have rolled back the 2004 update and confirmed that the NIC connects early in boot, also the rollback rolls back the driver to 1118.2019. I have put off accepting 2004 for a 163 days but the problem of the update is not going to go away of its own accord.


Get in touch with Gigabyte.

They could be aware of the issue.