Windows 10 - new build - colors not working/washed out - HDR disabled

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Annoyingly I just built a new PC and am having an issue that I encountered before...GPU is same brand as before but completely new pc/parts

So my colors get washed out suddenly after installing windows to a fresh device a couple hours ago. Last time I got this issue was around a year ago. Windows 10 and 11 both did it. The fix last time was magically when I re-seated a GPU but I can prove that this is a software bug. I reported it to Microsoft a few months ago and they ignored me, as is typical.

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Anyway, colors in different browsers appear differently. For example, the gmail icon is washed out in the tab icon but not in the webpage in firefox but in Chrome it is the opposite. Another example is that the orange for reddit is two different colors in page and it shouldn't be. I can prove the colors are wrong via color picker and thus showing that it is a software bug and not a hardware issue. You can even see how where the image is displayed changes the color based on my upload page to imgur.

HDR is disabled.

imgur link

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