Windows 10 in professional environment so far not a success story

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We own several high end mobile workstations with certified discreet graphics to support 3D digital prototyping software. All these work stations are configured with a dock and typically have two external monitors in addition to the display from the laptop. This arrangement is very efficient for the work that we do.


One of these machines was upgraded to Windows 10 to act as a guinea pig. Some observations:


The snipping tool gets confused as to which monitor it needs to work on, the 1709 version has made that worse


The other issue with the 1709 update is that this machine has lost its 3 monitor capability. Now this machine can only do two of the three displays. For us this machine has become useless.

Because it is older Dell / Nividia have concluded it is not worth their time updating the driver to work with 1709.

Because it took us a while to troubleshoot this we found ourselves outside of the 10 day window where we could revert to the previous version.

Our options are:

Continue to work with 2 monitors and be less efficient;

Re-install Windows 10 to previous version and refuse updates if that is even possible?

Revert to Windows 7.

Buy a new machine $$$$.


This episode has made us wonder what the future brings if we upgrade our other machines to Windows 10, will we be surprised again one day where the machine stops working because of some update?


Is the Windows 10 team even interested in catering to professional users?

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