Windows 10 display issue




so this post is for my sister …her laptop had a problem where the laptop screen was not working and she could only see what’s going on via an external hdmi screen.

 She decided to use ddu display driver uninstall ….for a clean uninstall of her gpu drivers to reinstall the latest drivers….

 First she did the onboard intel card and all went well …she then did the ddu uninstall on the nvidia card..

part of the ddu process is a reboot of the machine ….upon reboot her external display stopped working and her laptop display is not working so now she can’t see anything …


‘’does anyone have any suggestions on how to force windows to use the external display so she can see what the heck is going on again?


she mentioned that before the ddu uninstall her laptop screen was pitch black …now after the ddu the screen seems to be backlit which was not there before  but she still can’t see a picture …


also it seems like she is not getting any boot sounds upon boot up ….my guess is the machine is booting into windows repair hence she’s not getting hard drive boot sounds?


if that is the case any way to force the computer to stop windows repair and proceed into windows ..

my guess is its getting stuck in windows repair awaiting instructions but she can’t see to give them …if we can force the computer to skip windows repair and continue onto win 10 it will auto grab the external display drivers ..she could close the laptop lid to force this ..or use her fn monitor key ..


any suggestions and help how to solve this would be greatly appreciated …this is her work computer and we really need to get this solved!


thanks for any help in advance!

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