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Windows 10 - Digital License for Enterprise not working for some users

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So in my organisation we've identified a comparatively small (but still sizable) number of users for who their digital E5 licenses are failing to activate the Enterprise version of Windows. Possibly in some cases it activated it and then at some point the issue cropped up, others I am pretty sure it did not ever activate from their first logon. 


Anyway, at the moment, their machines are on 20H2 and are not applying CUs due to 20H2 Pro being out of support. I'm fairly certain that the issue can be resolved by pressing the Fix Now button in Shared Experiences (as one of the machines was in reach and I checked it out). What I was wondering was if anyone knew what this button press actual did and whether it is possible via Powershell script or similar to replicate what happens when a user presses Fix Now? A remote automatic fix would be preferable to attempting to provide instructions for users and hope they follow them.




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Did you happen to find a fix for this? I'm running into the same issue at our org.

@Chris Gacek 


No, no good all-encompassing solution. Management changed and with it what I was focusing on. What I can say is that one of the causes of this for us was users who had added another organisational account to their devices (for instance, a university account for those people taking courses, etc.). If when adding the external account, they kept the "Allow my organisation to manage my device" box ticked as in the below dialog, having two organisations managing the device got in the way of Enterprise licence activation.


In this article it gives the registry entry to take away the ability to accidently give partial management of the device to another organisation, but it doesn't fix any which are already in that state (though removing the associated registry entries for the other organisation does). Nor was it the only apparent cause of this issue as there were a good number who the above was not the case, and I didn't ever get to the bottom of why their licences weren't activating.


@Dan_Adams Thanks for the reply. I just did some testing on one of our devices and manually ran a LicenseAcquisition task under Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Subscription and that made the switch from Pro to Enterprise right away. The task is supposed to run at 6:00 PM every day, so not sure why it hadn't activated before. I'll have to do some more testing.