Windows 10 - Digital License for Enterprise not working for some users

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So in my organisation we've identified a comparatively small (but still sizable) number of users for who their digital E5 licenses are failing to activate the Enterprise version of Windows. Possibly in some cases it activated it and then at some point the issue cropped up, others I am pretty sure it did not ever activate from their first logon. 


Anyway, at the moment, their machines are on 20H2 and are not applying CUs due to 20H2 Pro being out of support. I'm fairly certain that the issue can be resolved by pressing the Fix Now button in Shared Experiences (as one of the machines was in reach and I checked it out). What I was wondering was if anyone knew what this button press actual did and whether it is possible via Powershell script or similar to replicate what happens when a user presses Fix Now? A remote automatic fix would be preferable to attempting to provide instructions for users and hope they follow them.




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