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Windows 10 DaaS licensing (non WVD)

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As part of our Services Strategy (we are an MSP), we are looking to build a hosted W10 DaaS on behalf of our customers and offer as an annuity service, but for an on-premise solution (not on Azure with WVD).


As the platform is NOT customer owned and provided "as a service" then License requirements and agreements become unclear around compliance specifically around Windows 10.

There are two options in my head which may or may not be possible or correct.
BYO licensing from a M365 SKU – if this works with a hosted “as a service” solution (e.g. not customer owned)
SPLA licensing… in which case the supplier (me) needs to provide all licensing. I need to ensure I have the correct agreements built into the contracts (or SPLA agreements in place) - to ensure compliance.

However, there doesnt appear to be any specific related to using M365 e3/5 licnesing on a non-owned platform and SPLA only seems to refer to Windows Server OS and "Windows Desktop Experience".


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if you want to have DaaS (data as a service) and don't want to use Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop, you want to virtualize your own Windows 10 machines on-premise, with physical server hardware,

maybe this will help:

@HotCakeX Thanks for reply


Our solution is based upon using a third party to host Windows client virtual machines on servers (Bare Metal) dedicated to the customer (not multi-tenanted). So Virtualization Rights seems to apply?



I think so yeah, because you are virtualizing them in the end,
there is a License advisory website but it has an old layout and elements don't load properly,