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Hello team, is there a way that we can override backups for windows 10?

I've always have to manually delete the old backups and was hoping if someone can shed some light as to how we can override windows 10 backup and keep the latest one and automatically delete the old ones. 

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I am not sure if that is possible with the default settings as having more backups is good so you can restore your computer if have issues with an earlier version. Also, for finding revisions or earlier versions of documents.


You can try 3rd party applications. 




if you are talking about setting > enable Windows protection, where you can restore the system - then you can reduce the volume dedicated to backups to 3% and when full overwritten copies will be deleted!
I don't know if that's the answer to your question.

@A1-A1  yes so basically the configuration of Windows 10 backup are as per below:

1. backups configured to a shared network external drive 

2. backups are run on a daily basis 


Now the issue here is that we have to keep clearing the backups once a week or so. is there a way we can configure the windows 10 backup to override old backups if the drive is getting full ?


Just as the disk fills up, older copies are automatically deleted.
I still change the settings to minidamp - but I do not recommend for everyone .
3% disk - is the smallest volume that you need to manually set.


WinRe - works very well!

I am not interested in free third-party products - which get the highest privileges - lack of trust in IT is the basis of security!

It's a legitimate opinion which I cannot second.
Macrium Reflect is a well established app which is way better than Windows backup, as are many free apps out there.
Windows isn't made to only run Microsoft apps and good admins know what to keep and what to dismiss.

Everyone, I found the solution for this. 


How to backup your PC automatically on Windows 10 | Windows Central


Windows Central is a reputable place to find reviews and guides including Windows 10. 


If you follow that link and scroll down to "

Freeing up backup space"

. You will see the instructions to make sure Windows only keep's the lastest. 

I am not sure if this is the same if it is a newr OS but it is worth a try. 


If that dosen't work,, windows, techincal, chat.


Just to be clear:
Deprecated features





Friend enabling file history is one thing, and enabling Windows Protection is the other tool – I use both and it works. I really don't need third-party programs that use this environment.


My friend I have a build on computers 19043.1151 and these tools still work with me!
The control panel is also obsolete and still working!


Adopting obsolete technology and clearly declared deprecated 4 years ago is not an option in my world.
I may be wrong but apparently you have no idea of what a SIB is.
Please explain what it is - thank you in advance?
Dear Andrzej
I'm not here to make a lesson about technologies, I'm here to help @enaugavule with his problem, and in my humble opinion I just did it.


Thank you for your comprehensive answer!


Sorry, I wasn't able to help :)

I dont' have a flashdrive or harddrive to test it out.