Windows 10 & VPN connections

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Like most home office worker nowadays, I use a VPN to connect to the company network from the home office.  When doing this simple VPN connection on Windows 10, several functions within W'10 start to fail.  Windows Edge & Mail, to name but two areas (no other MS OS had this issue).  When i first started to use W'10, i was told it was a limitation within the OS.  As the OS was new at the time OK fair enough, something MS overlooked.  Years later as soon as i connect to the (Check point) VPN these services stop to work, forcing me to use MS competitor software.  Has MS actually fixed this limitation, are they ignoring it....?

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@Christopher Johnston 

i believe the problem you're facing is because that Windows is marking your VPN connection as a metered connection. when a connection is set as metered, Windows and the apps will use less data and usually some background connections stop working.
I'm not sure which version of Windows 10 you're using but if it's the latest one, you can disable metered connection for your VPN from the Windows Settings => network & Internet.


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