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Hello!  New to all this.  Hope this question is not inappropriate.  New PC and just added 365.  I've used MS for a long time.  However, I'm in EXCEL this morning and can't find something as simple as splitting a cell.  MS has somewhat complicated adding a command to my main ribbon so I can't move the command that I have found "split the cell."  When I click to move it to a list, it now tells me I have to select or initiate a new "group."  Any help will be most appreciated.

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Hello there, welcome to the community!


I'm on Office 2019 and I can do this whenever I can't find a command/option


Annotation 2019-09-19 132032.png


Annotation 2019-09-19 132044.png


I also found an article about that


if none of them solve your problem, please post your issue in the dedicated forum for the Excel in here: