Windows 10 22h2 causes a system wide pause/freeze/stutter every few seconds? how to stop updates?

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Downgrading (Pain-stakingly so with finding the iso etc) to 21H2 fixes the problem completely. 

I have done all sorts of diagnostics, windows repairs, reinstalling windows multiple times etc. Nothing at all fixed the issue, starting it in safe mode and absolutely everything still produced the stutter. The only time the stutter disappeared was when I downgraded to 21h2 from 22h2 and upon upgrading to 22h2 the first time was when this issue started occuring. 

I have tried downloading and installing the new os from different ethernet cables and wifis and every instance produced the same issue. 

For someone like me who does not want to / cant afford to spend any more time on this is there any way to block my machine from updating to 22h2 forever?

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