Windows 10 2004 - Touch keyboard (SIP) doesn't resize app windows anymore

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for compatibility reasons we use the "legacy touch keyboard" ak Soft Input Panel (SIP) on our work tablets which is enabled via registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\TabletTip\1.7\DisableNewKeyboardExperience = 1.

After update from Windows 10 1903 to 2004 the legacy touch keyboard doesn't resize application windows anymore that are in maximized mode or fullscreen mode. This means the touch keyboard isn't docked to the app window and so covers half of the window which makes most apps practically unusable (eg Chrome, Edge, Office, Discord...). This happens in both desktop mode and tablet mode.
The new standard touch keyboard (DisableNewKeyboardExperience = 0) works on most apps, but as said we need the "legacy keyboard" for some older applications that don't recognize input from the new touch keyboard.

Could someone from the os developer team please take a look at this issue, we had to revert all our tablets to 1903.
Thanks in advance.

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