Windows 10 1909

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Will there be new language packs for 1909?

Or do the 1903 language packs work for 1909?

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Language packs for 1903 are compatible with 1909 in theory, however from my experience so far, they are very buggy and on my 1909 test machines, there are many wrong strings and unresolved string variables in different areas of the system.

Best Response confirmed by Sudhagar Thirumoolan (Microsoft)
The Code Base from 1909 is the same as 1903. so you use the ADK and the Language Packs (LP) from 1903.

in my testing (Installing EN-US base with German or Japanese) none of the search bars work whether in File Explorer or Cortana when using the 1903 LP's with 1909 upgrade media.


I understand that MS want us to use the LXP's but they simply don't offer what is required in regards to W10 upgrades.