Windows 10 - 1909 Print jobs going to other printers

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We've just deployed 50 or so new Windows 10 computers and there is what appears to be a print routing bug.  Everyone has new hardware, deployed via Windows Configuration designer to domain join/install Office 365.

Note that we don't have any exotic GPO's or printer restrictions set and we're running up against a very random/but recurring issue in Windows 10 - 1909

Default printers are set for the closest one to the end user, most of the time they just have one printer, which is no problem we thought...

With multiple printers, it gets really weird, I select 3rd floor Office Printer which has the green checkmark for default and the job is immediately sent to our remote shipping printer across the city.

Or when printing labels from FedEx, the print job comes out as a PDF...
[yes FX is set to the correct label printer]

Note that the test page comes out correctly on each printer, but we can safely say printing from applications is not supposed to be happen in a round-robin fashion.

Reboot was supposed to have fixed it, but not currently a reliable or guaranteed solution...

Here's some of the other printing bugs I've run across:
1- First time printer install - You cannot add this printer, the name is already in use
2- Success! This printer has been installed
[Set Name]
Error - This printer cannot be renamed!

Any tips on saving our sanity/taming the madness?

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