Windows 10 1803 multiapp assigned access kiosk fails to auto-logon after subsequent reboots

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Has anyone else seen this issue?  I've built a couple of test VMs with no success here.  After adding the provisioning package and rebooting the machines log in fine with the auto-logon account created automatically by the XML file.  However, after this, if I log out of that profile or restart, auto-logon no longer works.  I tried this first on a domain-joined machine that had policy applied to hide local users on the login screen.  I then built and used a non-domain joined VM and the account would show up in the list, and clicking it would allow me to log in without a password again.  It is my understanding, however, that this should be automatic and not require the user to click a button to log in again.  See below my code from the config section of the XML file.  


<AutoLogonAccount />
<DefaultProfile Id="{GUID}"/>


Thank you!  



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I am having the same problem here. Did you find a solution already?

HI Leonardo,


I never did figure this out.  I struggled tremendously with Windows 10 multi-app assigned access kiosks and eventually gave up on using it.  


One of my coworkers has used this with some success.  It's not for multiple applications, but it does seem to be a good solution for a single app.


Hope that's helpful!