Windows 10/11 O365 Enterprise subscription activation issue on VDI

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hi Guys, as you can see the subject is a mouth full and it is actually a issue i'm facing on different aspects.


i have searched for this issue days and days but nowhere i find a concrete answer or solution, maybe posting here will help me out.


so, i'm running a VMWare Horizon VDI solution for our architects and engineers, all my licenses are in order and to be able to use the BLAST protocol on Horizon we need windows enterprise.


for example my account haves a Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 License, and also a Microsoft 365 Business Premium.


at time of writing i actually wanted to say i don't have the issue with my local device (portable) but also this one is Pro instead of Enterprise at the moment ... it haves a meaning of its own, if its feeling generous i get enterprise , other times its pro ...


the issue also continues on our virtual environment (VDI)


some information that could be helpfull : 


- our portable's are AAD Joined (Hybrid) , the same counts for the VDI Virtual Machines

- O365 MFA is enabled, not with conditional access (or not at the moment at least)

- i noticed if there are multiple work accounts configured that could cause the issue , but that is not always the case and my account only has one account configured.


is there anyone that is facing the same issue , or was able to fix them ?

we notice in the past this just simply worked , but with all the changes that MS is pushing since a few months we are faced with this issues daily ...


if there is additional information needed please ask ... 






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