Window size lost/broken across different resolutions and scales

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I'm looking at different setups for office upgrades and one aspect of this is moving to a new 4k monitor setup with laptops via a dock. With this we end up with three combinations of resolution (due to an old program) and scaling (due to 4k at 27")


Dock monitor: 4k @ 150% scaling

Laptop monitor: FHD @100% scaling

Legacy program: 480p at 'Fullscreen' (forced monitor resolution change)


Essentially the issue is windows only preserves the *pixel-wise* dimensions across these setups. So while running on the dock, and having a window take 25% of the screen (~1080px high), moving to the laptop it will still take that full 1080px height, so the full laptop monitor. When moving to the forced 480p application, windows scales all open windows down to this maximum size, making everything uselessly small.


Our test setup has left users being frustrated by having to repeatedly resize window.


Does anyone have any experience with managing how windows deals with these disparate scales/resolutions to have a consistent user experience?

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