Window 10 organization question - how to remove?

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I downloaded the PC Health Check to see if my system (Home Computer) meets the requirements for Windows 11 when I ran the check. when I hit the check now button it pops up with a notice "Your Organization manages updates on this PC. ( I did purchase the computer from EBAY so not sure what OS was used).

I went to gpedit.msc Computer configurations Administrative templates All settings and checked there. All states are Not Configured. I also checked the Windows Components and Windows Updates. All states are also Not Configured. 
I also checked Regedit,


and do not see a windows update in that address


Where else can I look to remove this? This is the first time I have seen the message and I have never had to have permission to install updates. any help would be appreciated.  


windows current spec
Windows 10 Pro 

version 21H1

OS build 19043.1052





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Hi adblack1983,

I have seen many reports of the same. What you can do is, an update to the tool would be available tomorrow, which you can try to run and see if it fixes the issue. If it is a bug on the tool's end, that should do the job.
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Hello @adblack1983,


You'll see that message when your system is connected to Azure AD/Microsoft 365/AD or your system itself is DC. All of my server systems have that message, which is expected.



Currently, you can go to Settings app > Accounts > Access work or school and make sure you don't have any account connected in the right pane. Else, you can wait for update to 'PC Health Check app', as Sumit said.


Thank you. This is exactly what it was, I had my work email added. Removed it and the message is now gone.
Although now I don't know why the check shows I don't meet the specs. Even though I know I do.