Window 10 media keys used to be smarter

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The older version I'm playing youtube on chrome and spotify and chrome taken over a media key but I eventually have some random idea that is press Alt, Ctrl, Shift with media key and somehow It's work with Shift key when I press Shift + Media key It's ignore taken over and control my spotify and when I press only media key It's control youtube but It's doesn't work that way in this version now It's has a stupid grey arrow symbol  instead to switch focus of media key.

Can i have a shortcut Shift + media key back?

It's important to me to switch media focus because It's on 2nd monitor , and my main monitor is always using a fullscreen apps It's always take time when I want to click to others apps because I need to resize fullscreen app first. please bring it back


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Hi @haru_excc 

on latest Windows 10 1909, there is the option to control multiple medias that are being played




I can use any media keys on my keyboard to bring that small window and then use that arrow on the right to switching between different videos that are being played



It can be really annoying though as the last tab/window to play sound is what is considered under the current control.


I use Microsoft Teams for work and when i'm done with a call i want to restart my music and it starts playing the Teams ring tone instead, so if you could lock it to specific windows or programs that could be helpful

I found that the small window media controller only works on some players but not all of them. i use MPC-HC, foobar2000 and Chrome at the same time, but it only works on Chrome and foobar2000. @HotCakeX 

you can submit that problem in feedback hub and also make sure your Windows 10 is up to date :)