Win10 Mail Ap - what forum ("hub") do we use to post our questions?

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I just posted a question about issues with importing Gmail emails and folders into the Windows 10 Mail "ap".  Posted them in the Windows 10 "hub", after not seeing one specifically for the mail ap.  I had found one for Outlook but didn't think that was the right place.


Can you confirm where I should post threads with questions ON the Mail ap that comes with Windows 10?  So far, the ap is far and above better than the (IMO terrible Gmail interface.  But I'm sure I'll have some more questions as I start using it.


Thank you.

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Well, this is the correct community hub for posting questions and threads for the mail app as it is a part of Windows 10 and there is no descrete community hub for the Mail for Windows 10 app.
If you have found bug/problem about any app or feature in Windows 10 or want to suggest a new feature, I would recommend you to use the feedback hub app which is built into Windows 10.



Thanks - where / how do I find that Feedback thing you said is built into Win10? 


You are welcome. The feedback hub app should come installed with Windows 10 by default and you can find it in the start menu and through the search option. If you are not finding it installed, then you can download the feedback hub app from the Microsoft Store using this link.