Win10 calendar lunar garbled win10日历农历乱码

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I found the lunar calendar garbled in win10 calendar last night, and it was still我昨天晚上发现win10



请修复/解决!Please fix/resolve!

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@mikezhuang I'm same with you! Please fix this problem, microsoft!

@mikezhuang same situation
win10 version :
版本 Windows 10 家庭 Insider Preview中文版
版本号 2004
安装日期 ‎2021/‎2/‎3
操作系统版本 21301.1010
体验 Windows Feature Experience Pack 221.501.0.3

@limaoxiaoer @jwzxgy2007 @HotCakeX Hi everyone, I already file feedback in the feedback hub about my issue. You can upvote or add a comment to catch Microsoft's attention.  



Thank you all:-)And hope Microsoft to fix it soon!




Thank you,
by the way, only suggestions can be upvoted, other people having the same problem can click on this button 




@mikezhuang  Same as me.   Pls fix it



Please add your details to the feedback above.