Win10 1709 Sysprep Tiles broken

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I have noticed now when i sysprep Windows 10 Fall edition (1709), the windows tiles are broken. In 1703 i have them when you sysprep the Administrator over, they follow.  What is the easiest workaround/fix until this is fixed? I am using the Win 10 Education VLK for the college for creating labs for student use with them logging in via active directory accounts. (no roaming accounts)

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yes i am using the copy profile setting within sysprep as i did with 1703.

This is being worked on right now. We hope to have a fix available soon, probably in January. (Ref OS #14856351)
until then, use the Win10 Start Customization with LayoutModification.xml copy method in the SetupComplete.cmd?
Ref OS #14856351 = ?
maybe i should state, not using MDT?
(The part in quotes is for my own future reference.)
will this also fix the taskbar and edge reinitializing (also acrobat reader going back to edge) issues?
edit, also putting back the "HI" animation that i had removed via reg key?

Do you still have the pdf to Edge on 1709? We had taht on previous releases too, but it went away for us on 1709

i associate Acrobat Reader as default reader for pdf's instead of Edge during sysprep. Some forms/printing prompts/ etc does not display properly via Edge, hence the change. It worked fine in 1703, but 1709, it breaks, and decides to re associate back to Edge.