Win Server 2025: unable to activate PIN or Fingerprint sign-in options..

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I have a bit of a problem, I would really appreciate your expertise.

I have installed a standalone Win Server 2025 LTSC Preview Build 26052, which was successfully updated to Build 26063.1 through Windows Update,

on a pretty old but trusty laptop (i7-Q720, 8GB DDR3, SSD 860 EVO 250GB).

On this particular laptop I like to experiment on, so I have at times installed Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10 and Win 11, but also Win Server 2012 and Win Server 2016.

The most recent installations were Win Server 2016 and finally Win 11, up till last month.

Now I performed a clean installation of Win Server 2025, but right from the start, I cannot enable sign-in with either PIN or Fingerprint, which of course worked just fine on Win 11 and Win Server 2016 and on any other OS.

The error displayed is: "The device doesn't meet your organization's requirements for Windows Hello".
On top of that there is a warning displayed that: "Some of these settings are managed by your organization.",

but maybe that's irrelevant, or something to do with my tinkering.

The laptop is not connected to any Domain, and have not set up any work or school email accounts.
I have set up a new user, member of Administrators, and have tried with either the new user or the built-in Administrator user.

I have installed all drivers, all updates, and have looked anywhere I could think off.

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