win 10 Enterprise LTSC key activation

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i have bunch of license win 10 Enterprise LTSC ,

 I have activated the windows key in my system, but I have to format that system, and now I am trying to activate that same key but it shows not activated I tried troubleshooting and other so many things.... but it shows me the key is already used. but if I activated a new key it will be activated. Already my windows key was used and at that time that was activated  but after format, the system cant activates the same key??why??This thing happens so many times please try to help me here.

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Hi @sam1011950 

Windows 10 Enterprise uses a VLK (Volume License Key) instead of a standard key. It is designed for the companies where they have to use VAMT (Volume Activation Management Tool) to provide the activation of multiple machines with a single key within the organization. While doing the activation from a remote computer/server, the system must be connected to the organization's network. (VLMT screenshot attached)



I dont want to use VAMT what are the other options???


Windows 10 Enterprise is deigned for the large enterprises.

There are different licenses available for the individuals/home user, most common are mentioned below:

  • Windows 10 Pro with Retail license 
  • Windows 10 Pro with OEM license (Usually come as a pre-installed by the hardware vendor)
  • Windows 10 Home Retail / OEM

Therefore, you need to buy a new key (Windows 10 home is the most cheapest one), and need to downgrade your existing Windows 10.

i want Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC for my project.i cant use other OS....why in volume licenses key,key removed if i format the system?? even if i have purchased x no of keys!!!

Hi @sam1011950 

If you format/fresh install your Windows, all the license key information will be lost.

However, you still have an option to activate your Windows without using the VAMT, you need to request the activation keys from the organization to perform offline activation.

key dont store in motherboard/BIOS?? Like in win pro stores if i update or activate it automatically activate keys but this same thing not happening in win enterprise.How key lost or vanish???if i already activated in the same machine??????? how offline works??? Can you please solve my doute???thanks for replying me :)

@sam1011950 . The way i went about this was upgrading my windows 10 first, and I made sure it was activated before the upgrade, then I proceeded with a clean install of windows10. If you directly install clean windows and, you used your earlier key, it will not work. Although if this seems too technical for you, try reading more on Activation fails to get ideas and steps to resolve your activation problem here.