Why does Windows NOT tell me *which* account needs to be "Fix now"?

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I find it troubling that we have to click "Fix now" and watch windows cycle through all of our various added accounts to figure out which one has a problem that needs the "Fix now" button treatment.


Does anyone know - is there any way to just cut to the chase and see what account it is that has the supposed problems?  Years and years of this, I have no idea, but the internet is filthy with unrelated search results.

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@Jeremy Bradshaw could you be more specific about the exact error message you are getting, and what steps can be taken to reproduce the issue? 

Do you mean this:
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Hi, specifically I'm referring to when you login to Windows, the notification area has a notification "Work or school account problem. Select here to sign in to your work or school account to continue using apps between this device and your other devices."

When you click there you are take to Settings> System > Shared experiences where this a "Fix now" button sitting under some red text that reads "Some of your accounts require attention"

The clues end there and I believe it just starts cycling through all your various accounts.

If you are an admin, maybe have multiple environments to manage, you can often end up with quite a few accounts in there. Would be nice to know which one it is that has broken (expired token maybe).