Why does my Documents look so different between Windows 10 and PowerShell?

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Over the weekend I retired an old desktop PC, with a new one. So, I've had this working for about 48 years. I'm running Windows 10 Professional, in preparation to moving to Windows 11 Pro. 


I wrote a couple PowerShell script to handle a couple of administrative tasks I do. I saved them in a folder under Documents. I first created a Git repo in Azure DevOps Services, then cloned the repo to my machine, by bringing up Windows Terminal, then performing a git clone command. Stuff I've got several times before. When I bring up Windows Terminal, I have it start with PowerShell 5.1. It comes up in C:\Users\rodf folder. I cd to Documents. This is what Windows Terminal sees when I'm in C:\Users\rodf\Documents:


Screenshot 2021-08-16 063854.png

However, when I'm in Windows 10 File Explorer, this is a portion of what it sees for my Documents folder:


Screenshot 2021-08-16 064033.png

I don't understand the discrepancy.

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This is not expected behavior.
Try navigate to Users and see if you have any other users and navigate to other users.
You may right click on one of these folders and go to properties and see where it is located?
I believe you are navigating to different folder.
There is one other possibility, I saw you have Cloud icons and it means, these files are on the Cloud only and not downloaded in your PC and they are only in OneDrive and you don't have offline access.
Take a look at:



Thank you, for your response. I'll answer your question as best I can.

I brought up File Explorer, then went to C:\Users folder. It shows me this:


Screenshot 2021-08-16 174030.png

The three folder rodf, rodat and broke, make sense and are consistent to me. The first one is my account, the one I'm using at the moment while writing this reply. RodAt is associated with a different Microsoft account that I have. The third, Broke, is my youngest daughter's Microsoft account.


I've just right-mouse button clicked on rodf. Surprisingly it reports that there's 34.7 GB of data (size on disk is 9.15 GB - I don't get why there's a discrepancy, but moving on), that there's 59,397 files in 10,383 folders.


I got into the rodf folder, which shows this:


Screenshot 2021-08-16 175137.png

But going into the Documents folderI still only see the three folders I reported earlier today, IISExpress, My Web Sites and My%20PowerShell%20Scripts.


Now to add to the confusion, if I right-mouse button click on the Documents under Quick Access in File Explorer, it reports it being located at C:\Users\rodf\OneDrive



So what if you navigate to C:\Users\rodf\OneDrive, are you seeing them there?
Have you check the link about OneDrive which I shared earlier.
I believe these files are in the OneDrive cloud and you should create them offline, take a look at: