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I am having several issues with the NEW Windows 10/Edge so one at a time..  Where Do We Put Our Stuff.... With XP (and others) we had the desktop with its easy icons and ability to bunch up in to desktop folders.. With 8.1 and early10 we learned to use the Start page and it's easy Tiles.. Now we have those taken away.. Where do we put our stuff.. Collections is a mess .. Afyer you put a few items in a collection folder you cannot figure out what is what..  MAYBE AN INSTANCE.. I self study a lot of things.. Lets say the history of the lawnmower..  I find articles sites etc and I keep them for future use.. So now I have 65 items on the history of lawnmowers... I also want to learn more about the Studebaker.. Now i have saved over100 articles sites for parts and other etc... and a couple more.. Then you add in all the programs .. Paint. Malwarebytes, mail(s), social sites. youtube etc etc.... I have no idea where to put it all now without the use of the desk top or the use of start tiles... Learn Me Please.. LOL..  What am i missing..


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@faller49Use Favourites to store websites in Edge.image.pngimage.png

Can you be more clear? Do you want to store websites on your desktop and start menu?

@faller49 If you want to pin websites to Start Tiles, follow these steps.How to pin to StartHow to pin to StartPinned WebsitesPinned WebsitesLawn MoverLawn MoverStudebakerStudebaker

@Ashish_Upadhyay  some great help there.. However Ther is no longer a Save to Start  choice anymore  .. Thankyou for the favorites hint.. Not perfect but a better choice than I could see..

Ther is no longer a Save to Start choice anymore? I didn't get that. Are you using legacy Edge or chromium Edge?

@faller49  at least mine does not have one  

@Ashish_Upadhyay  LOL whatever Windows updated to me.. I believe it to be chromium


Yeah, indeed it is chromium version. I'm currently using Edge Dev so maybe they will add 'Pin to Start' option later to regular version.

@Ashish_Upadhyay  Sorry missed this one... I apoligize.. I have no idea how to explain it better.. i guess I use my computer different than anybody else.. Not big on social sites so i use it for many other things..


@Ashish_Upadhyay  I know how to maneuver in the start page very well.. there just is no easy way to put stuff there anymore..

Oh I see.

@Ashish_Upadhyay  actually it used to be there.. in fact on my attachment, It used to say pin to start where the pin to taskbar is now.. They changed it two upgrades ago. or about 3 weeks ago for me..



@faller49 They usually remove, re-add things. Would be their testing style I guess.

I sincerely appreciate your input.. Seems nobody does the help thing anymore..

@faller49 Thank you for your kind remarks.

@Ashish_Upadhyay  I thought I had posted this but must have missed the button..  Under your Pin to Start is settings.. which I also have.. In the past (approx 3 weeks ago) under settings was advanced settings.. Advanced settings is no longer available..

I have a issue that started , again, about 3 weeks ago where when I open pages , websites, etc and most anything.. they seem??? to open as apps and do not open with Edge.. It is causing several other issues.. The setting In Advanced Settings was " In Edge, click the three dots in the upper right corner. Go to settings, then view advanced settings. Find the toggle switch for open sites in apps and turn it off. That fixed the problem for me. " (A Quote found searching my issue).. Unfortunately the toggle is no longer shown under settings.  All my icons.. (desktop, start, task bar, .. have always opened in Edge, until the approximately 3weeks ago.. now they all open as the first attached image. which has caused several other issues..

@faller49 Hello again! What I have understood is that your pinned websites are opening as an individual apps instead of opening as a website in Edge. For solving this you need to go to Three dots>Apps>Manage Apps. Uninstall those apps and pin them again using 'Pin to Start' option.

If you still haven't got the 'Pin to Start' option under 'More Tools' then you should download Edge Beta or Edge Dev. Download Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

These are very stable if you are concerned about the stability issues.



Now talking about the Advanced Settings, this option was present in Legacy Edge.


@Ashish_Upadhyay  Ok, Thank You.. I had figured that out on the delete and re pin, but to pin task bar (yes no pin to start) or put in favorites and they are ok to open in Edge.... I have so much to do there is going to be many hours to redo these.. Why did they change? They were all fine approximately 3 weeks ago and some have been on start tiles for many years with out issue.. range of 400 induvial items.