When will the square black background bug be fixed?

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What build of Windows 10 are you using?
Have you reported this issue through the Feedback Hub app?
Hello! Congratulations on your perceptiveness! My dream is only such small graphics errors in Windows. I think that restarting the computer will be enough and fix this vulnerability! the video card often changes some fragments in the matrix - this is normal and does not require detailed analysis and reporting to the feedback center - this is my private opinion. Thank you
I'm not seeing it but assume your Windows is up to date?

Hi @Reza_Ameri@AndrzejX , @HotCakeX 

I am using the latest Windows build (21343), but this has been the case since versions released two years ago. And I have already reported this in the Feedback Hub (in fact, there are dozens of complaints about it there, made by other users).
One way I use to remove the black rectangle is to delete the thumbnail cache, then the folders icons are recreated and displayed correctly, until the black rectangles start to appear again in some folders created and changed (this happens at random).
I'm not going to commit suicide because of that, but it's annoying. And even small details are important because it shows how interested the developers are in delivering the best experience possible to users.

I'm not going to commit suicide because of this, but it's annoying. And even small details are important because it shows how interested developers are in providing the best possible experience for users. Your statement is very good = fine-tuning trial versions is the responsibility of developers and actually such errors are annoying! You have my support = thank you for your work Andrew
Thank you for sharing feedback , Windows team will investigate the issue.


@Reza_Ameri wrote:
Thank you for sharing feedback , Windows team will investigate the issue.

You don't know that. Microsoft Windows team themselves said that they receive too many feedbacks, they can't attend to every single one of them.

many feedbacks are just pure spam, off topic or content-free, in feedback hub app.




That's interesting, I'm sure you've clean installed Windows a couple of times at least in the past 2 years duration, right? I wonder what causes that, because I work with a couple of systems and never seen it before.

I suspect a 3rd party software is the culprit. does it happen when you install Windows clean without installing any other software?

Windows team would have a way to identify and filter feedbacks and they will know how to handle them. In case a feedback is valid , they will investigate it.


You don't know that.

that's also Not what is happening in real life.


there are lots of valid feedbacks in feedback hub, no action is being taken for them.


also the most important thing you need to remember is the time.

when someone has a problem, posting in feedback hub isn't helpful, if Microsoft ever even sees that feedback, might be months or years, the user will be in a totally different situation by then.


for problems posted in forum, user usually wants a prompt reply, in a normal expected time frame, not months or years later.


also, lots of good feedbacks are being closed due to the fact that they were submitted from older version of Windows and as those versions expire, so do the feedbacks.

I've personally seen it happen to some of my old feedbacks, no action taken about them, yet they just were closed.



Hi I think it should be impartially stated that the feedback center is for the user - mostly useless as she wrote HotCakeX because it counts reaction time which is decisive for everyone! appearances that I try to present as a help to the user downright discourage microsoft products = No one likes to be convinced of things that do not work and are useless to many and such are my experiences - unfortunately!
I said this, we guide user through the troubleshooting steps and so on but we have to ask them to submit the issue through the feedback hub app too. They might not receive a response from the team and their problem might be fixed . However, doing so would help the Windows team to make future version of Windows smarter.

it doesn't help Microsoft or Windows team if the problem is caused by a 3rd party software user installs that is either old, pirated, buggy, glitchy etc.
or if the OS files are corrupted or something has changed. there are Many situations where things can go wrong and submitting about them in feedback hub is Neither a good idea nor helpful. because Windows team can't do anything about it if it's not Windows' problem.


if it was the case, then Windows would have 0 problem by now. it's been 6 years since Windows 10 released, still making big headlines about problems affected by lots of people.


what needs to happen is that there needs to be a lot more people reviewing feedbacks in feedback hub and pay attention to all of them. get rid of the spam and useless stuff.

make it available on the web like uservoice so more people can interact with it.


until then, nope.

Hi I have not heard from anyone that wants to help with this application for windows improvement = Users are already frustrated and unaware of what causes the error - because yesterday everything worked, and today the disaster! there is no one to turn to, and sending feedback requires IT knowledge to make it valuable to teams - because not every opinion sends diagnostic data, etc. On the forum I'm waiting for someone to encourage me to this tool and no one justifies it and does not recommend silence among so many Members!