when my windows 10 updated it automatically switched my default browser to edge.

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Last night my computer updated. My default browser before then was Firefox. But my computer switched it to edge when it updated and I lost all my taps and login in fire fox when I made it my default browser again. How do I stop my computer from changing my default browerser every time it updates. Or at least stop it from logging me out of Firefox?


I tried stopping updates and deleting edge but I can't stop updates and edge doesn't delete.
Thank you

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Are you sure update caused this issue?
Normally, update won't change your preference , so it might be a bug.
In this case, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Thank you. That's really helpful. If it's just a bug then I won't bother unless it happens again. Thank you
In any case, I strongly recommend to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.


I don't think they will respond ,I mean they strongly recommend using Microsoft edge ,so they might be instructed that if the title of the request is "my pc keeps changing default browser back to Microsoft edge" they will ignore it as this is what they want it to be

Normally, they review feedback even though they might not response directly.
This is the best way to have your voice heard and until you don't try, you wouldn't know.