What is the current and future state of UE-V (User Experience Virtualization)?

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We are currently running UE-V and have been using it since Windows 7.  In recent versions of Windows 10 (1607 and 1709), we've had some hassles with getting settings to sync in general.  It feels like Microsoft has seemingly ceased development on UE-V ever since 1607 or so.  Is there a status update from Microsoft on the current state of UE-V, or plans for the near future?  Also, with Azure/InTune on the horizon for us, are there good alternatives to it or features that may replace it for a large environment?  I'm just looking ahead and trying to understand what options we have as we move to 1809.  Thank you!  


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UE-V is still supported as of 1809 but there really has been no official statement of a road map. As of now, there is no MS alternatives that I know of. The closes alternative is Enterprise State Roaming but that is just for OS settings and not applications.  

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I appreciate the response. I was able to verify that at least some of the features still work in our 1809 environment, though I haven't thoroughly tested all of our templates.  


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@Micah Hibdon I asked this question today and found out that UE-V has not been deprecated and is still a fully supported product.  However, the product team that owns it don't seem to be doing any active development and there doesn't seem to be a current roadmap for any enhancements.  I also asked if there was a roadmap for moving UE-V functionality to ESR and there doesn't appear to be.  It seems ESR doesn't currently have any active work either. 

now that microsoft has taken down the ue-v templates section where the hell should we be getting the templates!? i was interessted in :(