What is first GPO or Regedit?

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I would like to know what GPO policies or Registry entries are primarily for.
Ie. If in the registry the I turn off screen saver and in the local or domain GPO is on, will the GPO overwrite the entry in the Register or will it have a shortage? Of course, I have administrator rights on my computer and also for DC. I know that when it comes to GPO, LSD OU is in effect. But what does GPO vs Registry look like which is first? Or am I missing something?

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The registry is always first as this is a crucial part of the OS, those settings are loaded and applied.
If you have created a local GPO this usually changes no more than a registry setting what is saved and applied during startup and/or user logon.
Registry -> Local policy -> GPO is how things are applied and processed.

Thank you for your replay @janvanwaeyenbergh.

So if I got in Registry an Local Policy disabled some options but this same option configure in AD Group Policy as enabled for this computer/user it will overwrite Registy/Local Policy options?


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Correct , the GPO will overwrite these settings , unless some kind of hardening is applied to prevent changes.
As in most cases when things are applied following a flow the last "change" wins.