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What Happened to AMA?

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I can't believe the mighty Microsoft is unable to organise an on-line Q&A.
I was looking forward to the "Ask Microsoft Anything" event but it looks like it was just a marketing-hype scam.
I've no idea where I am posting this, the Leviathan of MS is a monster's maze of irons, log-ins, registrations, sign-ups.
Where is AMA?
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This is it.


Type your question and post.

Hi Geoffrey, 

You are in the right space, the AMA is ongoing now. You can ask your questions by posting a thread as you did for this one, and our team of Microsoft employees is online and ready to respond. Thank you for the feedback, in the future we will look into creating a separate AMA space for Windows 10 AMAs so it's more clear when you've arrived at the correct space.