Weather tile stuck in Fahrenheits

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My parents' PC started to freeze frequently, so i have done Reset (keeping personal files). Everything seems fine now, but Weather tile in start menu is stuck in showing temperature in Fahrenheits. Although i have opened, selected Celsius and home town and it shows ok if you open the app. Region is Lithuania and Celsius is the default here. Windows display language is English (US) though. Was like that before the Reset and was working fine. 1803 version.


Weather tile was always an annoyance with its setting not being applied to the tile itself. I remember similar problems with it in my Insider VM. Sometimes it fixes on its own, sometimes not.

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This actually got fixed after some CU update. Already worked normally on 1809 and now on 1903 version. Probably app update fixed that.

Wow, i was googling same thing after almost 4 years. This thing still happening so often and now after December 2022 updates it is stuck again with F. F.. this app and MS. Uninstalling this app from all my machines and giving it 1 star in the store. What a crappy developer.