W10 Pro - Unable to connect to a network drive while other machines (same config) can

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Hi dear community,


I have troubles to add a shared folder (which is on a Ubuntu 18.04 VM on a server) as a network drive. The server is in the same network and remote desktop connection to the server where the VM runs on, works flawlessly, as well as rdp connection to the Ubuntu VM.

I have configured file sharing as follows:




  • Network discovery is enabled
  • File and folder sharing is enabled

I also have the according features installed:



What makes me wonder most is that I have checked other machines that have exactly this configuration, as well as the same services running and exactly the same WinVer (1903 Build 18362.329) and can add the VM's shared folder without any problem. When I try to access the folder via "\\SRV-Name\Folder" however it's not working and leads to the error "Unable to connect to \\SRV-Name\Folder" with the error code 0x80004005. (This is working on other machines though ...)


I set up a shared folder on my machine and tried to access it from the server with "\\MYHOSTNAME\SharedFolder" and it works...


Do you have any ideas on how I can add this folder as a network drive?




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