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W10 Pro - Problems with multiple server IPs and mapped network drive

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I have a file server fileserver1 with two IPs, a LAN IP and a VPN IP The Windows 10 Pro client uses the DNS name to get the correct IP depending on its own network (LAN or VPN). DNS name resolution works without problems.


The client has a persistent network drive K: \\


Unfortunately the Windows 10 Pro client always seems to use the cached server IP ( or to reconnect the network drive on startup. Some users want to wakeup the Windows PC from powersave mode.


If the client uses the cached IP from the other location (LAN vs. VPN), access to this drive fails.


How can I update the network drive IP?

Currently I use two workarounds.

  1. On most PCs it is enough to delete network drives (net use K: /delete) and then connect the network drive again with the DNS name (net use K: \\ /persistent:yes)
  2. Some PCs need a reboot between deletion of network drive and connection
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What type of DHCP is available in your network? software or hardware?
What is the file server exactly? is it a Windows Server or NAS?