Vertical Taskbar arrangement is ugly, have I fixed it?

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I tried posting this in the feedback hub, but I have diagnostics completely disabled.

I've always wanted to unlock my taskbar and fling it over to the left side of my screen. It makes more sense, especially on ultrawide monitors where a horizontal alignment takes up so much more space. However, I find myself switching back a few minutes after moving it because of how poorly arranged the taskbar is. Firstly, it is too wide, and a lot of unnecessary space is used. This may be because it must fit the date but if Microsoft can remove it with the 'small taskbar buttons' option, I'm sure removing it with vertical alignment wouldn't hurt. Furthermore, inverting the arrangement of icons creates a tedious learning curve and it's just not necessary. I've attached two screenshots - one of the normal arrangement and one made by me, which I highly prefer. Please let me know if I'm not considering something important or if I'm just delusional and my idea is terrible. All responses are greatly appreciated! :)




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Windows Developers always ask feedbacks to be posted in feedback hub, that's the only way they track suggestions etc.


you can show/hide date/clock on taskbar yourself, the option is already in the settings






right-clicking on the taskbar gives you even more options, to control Cortana icon, Search, Task View etc.


the start menu itself is very customizable too, you can modify the height, width etc, without the need to remove any icons.


icons on the taskbar are fully customizable too. all of the icons can be pinned/unpinned.


the taskbar length is set to automatically fit the area it's sticking to. if it's horizontal then it fits the horizontal bar, if it's vertical, then it will fit there as well.

Hi there, thanks for your response all the info, however, its not really what I'm looking for. I'm aware of all these options but they can't address the problems I've outlined above.
I'll be sure to post these things where they belong next time, even if it means using another computer with diagnostics enabled.
I'm still looking for an option to do this exactly which is not there. Thinner width, Start Window at bottom and task icons arranged in a perfect square. It looks bad as of now.