vertical scrollbar automatically scroll to the top

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I'm suddenly having this problem today right after installed a office update.

Now if I leave my mouse pointer in any window with vertical scrollbar, the content of the window will automatically scroll up to the top, no matter where the scrollbar position is initially.

What can I do so that the vertical bar stays where I drag it to?



  1. In File Explorer, this seems only happen to the left side tree panel, does not happen to right side content panel
  2. In Eclipse editor,  I enabled line number dispay. The auto-scroll only happens when the mouse pointer is in the narrow vertical section of line numbers, it does not auto-scroll if the mouse pointer is in the text content section. (of course, when the line number section scrolls up, the text content section srolls up as well.) (edit: selecting multiple lines of text in the editor, no auto-scroll. I wanted to use Ctl-C to copy the selected text. As long as I click the Ctl key, the auto-scroll starts) (edit: Ctl key triggers auto-scroll up in the text editor)
  3. In WinMerge, I selected to compare two folders. The auto-scroll happens only in the folder comparison window; it does not happen in the file content comparison window.


  • vscode does not have this problem
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Are you facing the same issue, if you uninstall the update?
Have you tried updating your device's drivers?


It's on my company provided laptop, I cannot revert the update or restore the laptop to last backup.

I've tried everything I can, updating device drivers (mouse and usb), even laptop/dockstation firmware and bios. I'm still having the problem.



Thank you very much for your reply.

The problem is resolved now.

It seems the dock station is the cause of the problem.

After disconnect the power cable of the dock station, wait for a little while, re-connect the power cable, then connect the laptop to the dock station and reboot the laptop, the problem disappeared.

Great, thank you for the update.