Using a shared USB printer across multiple PC's in shared PC mode

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We have three public computers that have shared PC mode enabled. The public use the Guest account to log in.


A USB printer is attached to one of the computers and the shared printer option enabled.


On the other two computers I am able to go into the Guest account:

settings -> devices -> printers and scanners -> add a printer or scanner -> the printer I want isn't listed -> select a printer by name

and add the printer via the host computer ip address and printer name i.e. \\\Brother etc.


This works and the printer can be used across the three computers, however when we log out of the guest account of the other computers the shared computer is forgotten and needs to be set up again.


Is there a way to configure it so that the shared printer is always available to the guest accounts?


I have tried using the Administrator account to add the printer to the other PC's however this does not add it to the Guest accounts.


I am aware that when a Guest account is logged out of, this account is deleted and a new Guest account is created at next login.

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