Use Smartphone Microphone on Windows 10

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i pluged a Samsung Headset into a windows 10 Laptop (Fujitsu Lifebook E556) in the microphone jack. Windows 10 is realizing the microphone in the Sound Settings. The problem is that Windows only realize Background Noices and no human speech. I have the same Problem with an IPhone Headset. Is there a setting in Windows 10 to disable language or what could it be?

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I don't think you're supposed to plug a headset jack into a microphone jack. headset should go to headset and mic go to mic.


Yes thats right,but i dont have a microphone. And Smartphone Headset have an integrated Microphone.

They can't be just plugged into laptops that have separate input output jacks. you need a splitter like this, you can search for audio splitters too