USB drive not seen on my Windows 10 PC?

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The USB drive name does not show up in Windows Explorer but I can see the device from DiskGenius app. What is the problem with this USB drive?



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If your computer isn't recognizing the drive, try a different cable as well as another USB port to rule out a faulty connection. If there is a light on your external drive, this can also provide a quick indication of whether the connection is working and power is being supplied.
The USB drive might be set to be hidden or disabled in Windows. Check the USB drive's settings in Disk Management (Press Win + R, type "diskmgmt.msc", and press Enter) to see if it's set to be hidden or disabled.
Since you're able to see the USB drive in DiskGenius, it's possible that there's an issue with Windows Explorer or its integration with DiskGenius. Try reinstalling DiskGenius or updating it to the latest version.
Assign a letter to your USB drive in the Disk Management snap-in.