USB drive cannot be cleaned or partitioned

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Hello, first time posting.  I have an issue with a USB drive which is unallocated and unusable right now.  I have tried the following:


-using DISKPART to CLEAN the drive (results in "Access is denied" error)

-using diskmgmt.msc to allocate a name to the drive (doesn't respond to command; just shows unallocated drive)

-using diskmgmt.msc to change drive letter (doesn't do anything; just continues to show unallocated drive)

-using DISKPART to disable write protection (says "Disk attributes cleared successfully", but doesn't change the problem)

-using 3rd party software (AOMEI Partition assistant) to format the drive and allocate the drive (doesn't seem to affect the drive)


If anyone can suggest what the problem here could be, I would really appreciate your thoughts.  I am running Windows 10 on an Lenovo laptop, and the USB drive is a modern usb3.0 16gb drive. 

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to solve the problem with the CLEAN command, use command: convert gpt. And then try CLEAN again, it should work