Upgrade Readiness and Telemetry

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Customers that are interested in the Upgrade Readiness element of Windows Analytics generally need to know what telemetry data is being collected and sent into the cloud. 


Could you confirm if there is a document already available (apart from this one - https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=822965) to present to customers around telemetry or a new simplified document will be released in the future?

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For Windows 10, the content has been moved to docs.microsoft.com and simplified a bit. 


The challenge is that we need to be complete in order to meet the requirements of many of our customers' information security departments. If you want a summary of the doc you linked to, I'd start with the lines marked in dark blue as a high level overview and the lines marked in light blue as the next level of detail. Evertyhing in white is technical information and sample data.


Hope that helps.

Thanks Marc :)