Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11

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How can I upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11?
Can somebody send me clear and detailed instructions with steps and screenshots?

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@AtanasM Hi

Please this is official Microsoft information:

How to get Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog


Hey @AtanasM,


And if you need a more detailed guide, I'd say to have a look also at this one. It was very useful to me when I did the upgrade. It's not that difficult to do it, but in this case, I wanted to be really sure on what and where to click, I needed to see the exact steps with screenshots and everything explained. 


Hope it helps you too.




the link you recommended requires too many permissions - I do not recommend!

Hi @A1,

It's up to you :) just wanted to help - I did it and didn't have any problem so far.
In any case to upgrade you'll need to give some permission in order to compleate the installation. I've used this article only because I need to make sure to avoid any data loss, and works perfectly to me(you have to use only one solution, the best that fits you). I have everything on my pc and if I lose something... it's not nice, let's say :D
Hi @Matty8960
thanks for the guide. It was helpful as well.


I explain - it's just about a site that requires too much!

I do not know what was there because I never use such a configured site,  

Best regards

ahh, thanks for sharing.
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