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Hello everyone,


When does upgrade analytics give an option to evaluate applications/drivers against an upcoming Windows 10 SACT release?  For instance, 1709 (or 1710?) is coming out on October 17th. When could I

analyze my environments for compatibility against this release?




- Mike

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We usually add new releases as soon as they are released publically. 


There are two issues with doing it earlier:

1) Compat data for a not-yet-released SAC may not be complete and change over time

2) We don't own the roadmap for Win 10 releases so we don't have the name of a new release until it comes out or shortly before.


We have considered adding a Windows next or similar setting to the selection of the target OS - if this is something that would make sense to you give us feedback in Windows Feedback Hub in the Windows Analytics for Enterprises - Upgrade Readiness for Enterprises category.